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Name Of the Company : Success Software Services Ltd. Co.
Company Location : Ho Chi Minh City
Country : Vietnam

QC Engineer :
Job Description :
** The Test Engineer is responsible along with the customer to develop the test process and Test Specifications, that ensure the customer receives only product that meets their requirements.
** The Test Engineer shall constantly upgrade the test process to identify design deficiencies and screen manufacturing and electrical defects from the customer. He/she shall strive to obtain an optimized Test Process balancing cost, coverage and test time.
** The Test Engineer shall design and support the build and maintenance of tester and fixtures as required to meet customer specific requirements as assigned.
** The Test Engineer shall review all test processes and identify untested components.
** The Test Engineer shall supply the documentation for all testers, component programmers, and diagnostic/repair processes as assigned.
** The Test Engineer shall monitor and contribute to the improvement of Test Yields, Test Efficiency, and overall Tester performance.
General Requirements :
Understanding of programming and database languages : Php, Java, Html, Css, Java Script, …
** Reading the UML diagrams.
** Experience in open source.
** Experience in testing in the software project.
** Reading good material in English majors.
** Ability to work in groups.
Required skills :
** Mastering the procedures in the field of software test.
** Thinking good problem-solving.
** Ability to actively approach and handle the job
** Enthusiastic and responsible job.
** Ability to work better team.

PHP – Senior SE :
Primary Role of Position :
Senior PHP Software Engineers work in project groups of the Delivery organization and are responsible for the design, development, and implementation of software applications. Senior Software Engineers can play many different roles in a project such as Technical Leader, Designer, Developer, or Database.
Responsibilities :
Designer / Developer / Database (level 1) :
** Select the most appropriate technical solution (architecture, design approaches or preliminary designs) and then demonstrate proposed solution to the client and the development team
** Understand non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability, security, maintainability and consult Technical Leads to create solutions meeting those requirements for a complex enterprise application
** Design the software application based on architecture and requirements (design packages, design subsystems, …)
** Review code
** Design the software application based on architecture and requirements (design packages, design subsystems, …)
** Write design/implementation documentation;
** Aid in creating prototype/test applications;
** Adhere to strict delivery schedules.
** Coding, implementing, maintain, and troubleshoot software;
** Work with members of project teams to make certain specifications are satisfied;
** Mentor and provide guidance to Software Engineers
** Scan the market for new tools/technology and evaluate them
** Pilot new tools/technology
Technical Leader (level 2) :
** Establish the architecture of the software developed (SAD – Software Architect Document)
** Make presentation/white paper for new tools/technology
** Participate in the recruitment for Software Engineer resources when necessary
** Capable of establishing the plan for small projects
Authorities :
** Request for improving engineering process
** Participate in project reviews
Requirements :
** Good knowledge of software development process, especially software analysis & design processes, implementation process
** Good experience in technologies that match the company’s focus.
** Capable of English speaking, writing and listening skills with equivalent to TOEIC 400 scores
** Aptitude to learn and understand new and emerging technologies
** Good writing skills, communication skills, problem solving skills
** Good presentation skills
** Team-oriented
** Ability to work independently – self directed.
Education/Training Preferred :
** BS. Degree in Computer Science, IT or related disciplines.

How to Apply : Apply through websites

Contact us :
Success Software Services Ltd. Co.
Address :
04 Phan Thuc Duyen street, Ward 4,
Tan Binh District, HCMC, VietNam

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