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Name Of the Company : Mohammed Al Zoaibi Corp.
Company Location : Dammam
Designation : Crane Operator
Country : Saudi Arabia

Official Website :

Careers :
Crane Operator :
Job Specification :
Crane Operator shall :
** Performs daily inspection of assigned crane as per safety and maintenance checklist provided by Crane Operator Certification and Training.
** Enters results of daily crane safety and maintenance checklist into logbook and report any deficiencies.
** Communicates with appointed Signalmen or Supervisor on instructions and signals prior to making the lift.
** Confirms the wind speed at the nearest available site. Wind speed exceeding 30 m.p.h. (48.3 k.p.h.) is unsafe for lifting operations.
** Operates the crane within safe working limits following safe lifting practices as outlines in Crane Operation Manual and instructed by Crane Training.
** Exercises good judgment by refusing lifts which exceed the crane’s safe working limits.
** Shuts down and secures the crane properly when leaving it unattended or when completing his work shift.
** Travels crane between the parking area and various work locations.
** Loads and unloads cranes when required to be hauled by transport.
** Attends to all housekeeping functions on his assigned crane.
** Assist in on-the-job training of operators in AJTS Part 1, AJTS Part 2, and OJT Crawler Crane Operator AJTS.
** Provides and logs a lift plan for all critical, Tandem, or pick- and-carry lifts. Completes and logs a special permit for crane suspended personnelplatform usage.

Qualification :
Education :
English – E6B; Math – Industrial MI; completion of rigging and advanced boom attachment specialty course.

Experience :
Minimum of nine (9) years’ experience in operating all types of basic and advanced mobile hydraulic cranes inclusive of 1800 hours of documented ‘accident-free’ crane operation as Crane Operator II. If job assignment includes operation of Lattice Boom Crane, operator mustcomplete 200 documented hours of Lattice Boom Crane Operation.

Licence :
Valid Saudi Arab Government Heavy Equipment License; valid Saudi Arab Government 2X license.

Certification :
Saudi Aramco specialized Crane Operator certification; Saudi Aramco Lattice Boom Crane Operator Certification, if job assignment includes operation of Lattice Boom Crane.

Language :
Ability to receive and understand work directions in English; ability to read and understand load charts in English or Arabic.

Application Procedure :
Send you Cv’s to
Post Box :
2486, Dammam 31451,
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

: +966 3 8260080 EXT: 31
Fax : +966 3 8266618

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  1. Dear All,
    I would like to sincerely share my bad experience with one of the Manpower Company in Saudi Arabia Eastern Province by name Mohammed Al-Zoabi Corp. (MAZCO). This company exploits its employees by delay in payment of salary, Provide cheap airline ticket with multiple transits points instead of providing direct flight ticket, vacation schedule problem, delay / hold in paying vacation amount, not paying End of Service benefits, etc. So I advise all my friends who are seeking job in this company to think again before taking final decision.

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