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Name Of the Company : Arch Inc
Company Location : Manama
Designation : Architect/ Interior &Spatial Designer
Country : Bahrain

Official Website :

Careers :
1. Architect :
Job description/Responsibilities :
** The architect works in the construction industry designing new buildings and the spaces around them, working closely with users, clients and officials to make sure that projected designs match the needs of these groups.
** The Architect works on new buildings, develop groups of buildings in area regeneration projects, design alterations to existing buildings, and advise on the restoration and conservation of old properties.
** On every project, the Architect will work closely with other professionals, including engineers and surveyors, to make sure that their buildings meet the necessary standards. They also work closely with construction specialists on site and oversee projects from beginning to end.
** Architects are involved from the earliest stages of a building project, from site selection through to completion. They remain actively involved throughout each project as their ideas and plans are turned into reality. They work closely with contractors on site, ensuring that works are carried out to specific standards and that any problems that arise are quickly resolved.

2. Job Captain :
The requirement is for an exceptionally talented, energetic Intermediate Designer/Job Captain who will be responsible for participation in all phases of project development from conceptual design through construction documents and construction administration.

Qualifications :
** Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from an accredited architectural program
** 3-6 years experience working in an architectural firm
** High-level proficiency with AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, etc. is required
** Knowledge of Building and Planning Codes

3. Interior and Spatial Designer :
Job description :
** An interior and spatial designer is involved in the design or renovation of internal spaces, including structural alterations, furnishings, fixtures and fittings, lighting and colour schemes. Designs and feasibility studies are produced for commercial, leisure and domestic properties, and the designer oversees the project from beginning to end.
** Interior/spatial designers work in a range of different commercial or domestic settings. The job combines the efficient and functional use of space with an understanding of aesthetics.

Projects may take place in a range of settings :
** Office spaces and industrial premises;
** Retail locations, e.g. shops, cafes, forecourts;
** Leisure spaces, e.g. hotels, cinema foyers, holiday complexes;
** Residential developments & Domestic properties;
** Museums and civic buildings.

Contact Postal Address :
Arch Inc S.P.C.
P.O. Box 21679
Kingdom of Bahrain

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